Morrison Motor Car Museum

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Vintage & antique vehicles plus racing memorabilia showcased in a roomy space with a gift shop.



  • The museum is small but interesting and some of the cars are pretty rare and nice to look at but it almost feels like you’re in someone’s rec room who has collected a bunch of pop culture stuff and is trying to sell it. Almost all the music and sports pictures have price tags on them. You don’t know if you’re in a museum or a trading card store.But it’s right next to Charlotte Motor Speedway and perfect for the NASCAR audience. Kitschy, Southern, cute … it might need a few more museum pieces (more variety of cars) but when you can see a 1922 Model T Sedan and buy a framed album cover of Mel Tillis or The Judd’s in the same place, well, some people are going to be in hog heaven.

    And it’s not expensive at all, so is probably worth the visit.


  • This place is great! They have awesome cars and lots of history. Their gift shop has stuff I’d actually want to buy, and at a fair price! I’ll definitely be back.
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4545 Highway 29 Concord, NC 28027North Carolina,28027 704-788-9500

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