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GAA Classic Cars is not a traveling car auction, we are located in a facility we own that is dedicated to the sale of classic, antique and unique vehicles.  What does this mean for you?  Permanent facilities, permanent seating not those folding white chairs or hard plastic seats, move in and move out of vehicles that is more convenient and much more.

Located on Norwalk Street just a couple of minutes away from the Greensboro Auto Auction’s main facility, The Automobile Palace offers a unique experience in the classic car arena.

The Automobile Palace is a fully enclosed, climate-controlled facility that can house over 460 Vehicles.  This building has 3.35 acres of space under one roof and the majority of the vehicles are located inside the facility.  This makes visiting the sale a joy because you never have to worry about the weather or conditions outside.  

GAA Classic Cars Diner is located on the main sales floor and offers seating for over 150 and a true 50’s diner-style menu and feel.

With seating for over 500 and a sales arena like no other, this is an auction experience not to be missed. The seating alone is worth a visit, they truly are the most comfortable in the business.  GAA Classic Carsoffers our VIPs and special guests a unique viewing option with our skybox seating.  Receiving an invitation to sit or visit the skyboxes gives our guests a one of a kind experience, with plush seating and amenities like a private bar and food options.  GAA Classic Cars provides a bid assistant in the skyboxes so that bidding is not a problem.  With room for over 125 guests being invited to visit the skyboxes is icing on the proverbial cake of a visit to GAA Classic Cars Auction.

With three sales a year typically in March, July and November GAA Classic Cars strives to provide the best line up of vehicles and the best environment to buy, sell or spectate – whatever your classic car pleasure.

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