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The VSCDA (Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association) is a non-profit club whose sole existence is to promote and organize vintage race events for its members. We are the preeminent vintage race organization in the Midwest. We can offer many things that other organizations cannot.

Most people new to vintage racing have similar concerns. What kind of car should I race? How should I prepare the car? How do I get experience? How expensive is it going to be to race?
The VSCDA is a network of members that are here to help. Chances are we have several members that can help you with your questions on car preparation. They will be able to tell you the positives and negatives of a particular car.

We have the top vintage race school in the Midwest. You will get classroom and track time instruction to give you the confidence you need to start your first race. It is held at GingerMan in Michigan. This is a very technical track to help you learn. It also is a very safe track with a lot of room for any mistakes a new driver might make.

The cost of racing can vary greatly depending on the car you choose. We can help you find a car to fit your budget. Once you find your car you will really appreciate the VSCDA. We provide the best value in vintage racing. Quite simply, VSCDA provides more track time for less money. You’re already a winner!

The VSCDA organizes races at the most historic race tracks in Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. Whether you want to race a pre-war MG, a Datsun 510 or a small block Mustang, we have a place for you. That also includes the “real” race cars. Open wheel cars are a big part of the VSCDA, from Formula Vees to Formula Fords to Formula 5000. They are all welcome.

TheVSCDA has race groups set up to create competitive and fun races. There are eleven separate race groups. There are also special feature races and races with combined groups. If you still want more track time you can sign up for an enduro and share your car with a fellow member.

If you’re not sure what you want to race, come out to one of our events. Talk to our members. You can be an active member without a race car. Sometimes being at an event and helping out is a good way to find out what is the best race group for you. Join the club; feel the passion…Live your dream.

Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association
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